Pakistan Poultry Association Chairman Dr Muhammad Aslam on Thursday said that poultry sector in Pakistan was already economically distressed for various reasons in the past and farms were struggling to survive.

He was addressing a press conference. Owing to current coronavirus situation the necessary preventative measures of closing down public gathering, marriage halls, restaurants & others has devastating effect on chicken meat market, the price of live chicken at farm has fallen to Rs 65-75 per kilogram live weight and it may fell further. Chicken is perishable commodity and it should be sold within 3 to 4 days of finishing.

The more alarming is the situation of placement of day old chicks (DOC) which has practically come to halt. All hatcheries are compelled to drown DOC as there is no customer to place broiler flock. In this situation it is inevitable to have no broiler production during Ramazan, or if not addressed timely it may be extended to EID days.

It is suggested to take immediate measure to stimulate and encourage farmers to place DOC and to keep production continued.

1- To defer electricity bills on the model, it has been decided for small consumers.